InnerQuest Dynamics

Workshops, Coaching, and Tutoring to Increase Awareness


InnerQuest Dynamics' philosophy is based on a firm belief that when the emotions are calm and the mind is quiet, people develop the capacity to think more critically and creatively. Emotional Intelligence is at the core of InnerQuest Dynamics’ philosophy. Improving emotional intelligence involves increasing self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Daniel Goleman’s book, Emotional Intelligence, published in 1995 is responsible for making the term widely recognized throughout the world.

Living in today’s world, we are all under pressure to succeed in many aspects. Stated simply - “Life is complex.” Frequently we feel anxious and stressed because of the expectations to compete and succeed in many areas of our lives. InnerQuest Dynamics provides opportunities to learn how to develop strategies to become calm, centered, and prepared to make better choices in difficult situations.


Sharon Fleming, M.Ed. is an adult education expert with over 30 years of proven experience in helping to shape and positively transform people’s personal and professional lives. She has taught university courses in writing, leadership and communications and is a highly sought after consultant for university level continuing educational programs. Her lifelong passion is to help people to recognize their own self-worth and unlimited potential. Her dedication to using focused awareness (mindfulness) in her own life and recognizing its many benefits has led her to include it in the workshops, coaching, and tutoring she offers to others.


Write to Know

Sharon welcomes you to a small group of women who will meet once each month to develop a writing practice for the purpose of self-discovery. Through a process of free-form writing we delve into our core selves to learn more about who we are and how we want to live our lives. Since there is no focus on the skill of writing, there is no critiquing. This process is about expressing our thoughts on paper and discovering more about who we are. Although sharing our writing has many advantages, it is always optional, and there is never pressure.

You will:

· Become more aware of yourself, your relationship to others, and your place in the world.

· Look at your past experiences in a new way as you feel a shift in your perspective.

· Recognize patterns in your experiences and be aware that you have choices.

Where: The group will meet in Sharon's home

When: The fourth Wednesday of each month beginning March 22, 2017

Cost: $20 per evening.

Time: 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Please call Sharon at 702-375-5685 for address information or if you have any questions.