InnerQuest Dynamics

Workshops, Coaching, and Tutoring to Increase Awareness


InnerQuest Tutoring helps students of any age learn how to focus attention with techniques that focus on relaxation and reflection. Stress prevents the concentration required to learn. Initially, we teach the students to become aware of their feelings by observing their minds and their bodies. Awareness of how they feel is the first step in managing their lives and recognizing their individual learning abilities. When they recognize stress, they learn to take steps to become calm and centered for better learning outcomes. This is valuable new information to apply to themselves and to their world of relationships.

When a student's mind is calm, their minds are open to learning. When they are calm, they become aware of their options to make better choices in difficult situations. Life becomes more manageable and easier for them to learn at their peak potential.

During the first 15 minutes of each session, InnerQuest learning coaches teach students these essential techniques to quiet their minds. Learners become more alert and aware. The focus then shifts to providing each individual with the strategies and learning tools to help them fill in any academic gaps that are identified through our assessment.

Steps to Become Involved:

Step I

Call now to set-up your (or your child’s) personalized learning skills assessment today!

Step II

The learning coaches will administer a personalized assessment to determine individual learning strengths and challenges in order to provide students with the latest and most effective ways to learn.

Step III

Based upon the individual assessment results, the personal learning coach will then design a customized learning program that is based upon true learning needs. All of our learning programs are designed to fit conveniently into your busy schedule and are also extremely affordable. We give each student the tools, skills, confidence and on-going support needed for fun and effective lifelong learning!